, au, avr, dmc, mid, max, res, xm, wav Important: this version adds a new format option for VST plugins and hosts. More detailed information on the plugin format and the host format can be found here: For more information about the format options please refer to: How to use: To use this VST just drop it on your host, open it and hit the record button. Record some audio and the same.wav file will be saved in the same folder as the VST. Click play to listen to the recording. Notes: The format options are switched off by default. To switch on or off options please change the the Format Options button at the bottom left of the plugin editor: If there is a yellow button there, the Format Options are off, otherwise they are on. When off you can only save as Wav in the plugin editor, when they are on you can also save as MP3, FLAC and OGG. Dmc for VST 3.0.x: The option to select which model and submodel is used is enabled by default for VST 3.0.x plugins. By default the submodel is selected based on the plugin name, if there is no submodel the default value (0) is used. Example: for a plugin with no submodel the default submodel is selected. Dmc for VST 3.0.x and VST 2.0.x: The plugin Dmc for VST 3.0.x adds support for specifying a model and submodel combination. The model and submodel options are selected based on the plugin name and a lookup table is used to decide which model and submodel combination is selected. This lookup table uses a mapping of the plug-ins to the model and submodel settings. This mapping is stored in the /Plugin/ and /Plugin/Settings/ folders. You can override this mapping by specifying the model and submodel for a plugin on your host: A plugin with a different model or submodel setting will be selected by the lookup table

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